Instructions and Checklist

Employment Application Fillable

Download and save Employment Application to desktop first prior to filling out.  Personal information will not be saved after printing.)

Application for Transfer Request Form

Useful Links on the Web:

Human Resources Practices

Seeking a Job? Employment Tips

Seeking a Job with Disabilities

Do's and Don'ts When Applying

Employment Rules and Regulations

Job Search for Ex-Offenders

Retirement Plan

Career Development

Gov. Health Insurance Program Info

Gov. Health Insurance Program Application Fillable



Where to submit Applications?

Would it be Possible to Submit an Application and supporting documents On-line?

Could I use the same application for other available vacancies? 

How long till I have to re-new or update my application?

How long and what are the steps before I get an update on the vacancy I have applied for?


Each section works collaboratively with the administrative support staff in fulfilling the responsibilities enumerated above. Each staff member of OPM helps to implement the system of personnel administration for the CNMI Government to assist in providing the public with quality government services. 


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