Employee Development and Staffing




Main Functions:  Develop training materials based on needs and conduct Enjoyable, Meaningful, and Job-related training to government employees.

Mission Statement:  Working hard to provide Government Employees with the Most Enjoyable, Meaningful, Job-related training possible.

Mandated Responsibilities:

Occasionally, departments/agencies do plan, organize, coordinate, and/or conduct a training session for their own employees.  Training sanction requests must be submitted to the Director of Personnel for approval prior to the presentation of training and be supported with the following documents:

The sanctioning of workshops or training are done to allow employees the chance to receive a one (1) step increase over their base salary after completing 120 hours of sanctioned training or workshop session.

 Training and Educational Leave

The CNMI Training and Educational Leave With or Without Pay provision does allow hardworking and deserving permanent civil service employees the opportunity to leave work to pursue certain academic or vocational field on or off-island, to further/upgrade their job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities.  The leave benefit may be granted up to one (1) year and if justified, may be extended for additional period.  Off-island training and educational leave are only granted if a certain field of study is not available on-island.  If funding does not permit or the field of study is irrelevant from employee’s occupation, they may be placed on the Training and Education Leave Without Pay status.

Departments/Agencies may choose any of the six (6) options when requesting for Training and Education Leave (T&EL) based on their and the employees needs:

  1. T&EL with pay for full-time within the CNMI.
  2. T&EL with pay for part-time within the CNMI
  3.  T&EL without pay for full-time within the CNMI.
  4. T&EL without pay for part-time within the CNMI.
  5. T&EL with pay for full-time outside the CNMI.
  6. T&EL without pay for full-time outside the CNMI.


Employee Developement and Growth

      Our government workforce is the most valuable and essential resource in our organization.  Therefore, we should invest our money and time in the development and promotion of employees.  Thus, training at all levels should be included as a part of their job requirement, most especially when employees are having problems performing and meeting their assigned job tasks.

Training survey

·         On a scheduled basis, the Office of Personnel Management conducts Training Surveys to determine the kinds of training needed by employees at government department/agencies.  Such trainings may be made available on-island or off-island depending on the availability and affordability of the training. 

Training and Workshops

On a quarterly basis, the Employee Development Section develops and provides departments/agencies a calendar schedule for all the different kinds of training workshops/sessions conducted by OPM.  Depending on job requirements and organizational needs, employees at departments/agencies are welcome and must register with OPM to participate in any of the following training: 

  1. New Employee Orientation
  2. Basic Supervisory Management Session
  3. Performance Standard & Appraisal System Session
  4. Timekeeper’s Certification Session
  5. Effective Public Service Session
  6. Effective Interviewing Skills Session
  7. Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Supervisory Session
  8. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  9. Disciplinary Action Procedures Session


    The training coordinator of the Employee Development Section is responsible for preparing and disseminating information to the Training Liaison Officers at the department/agencies regarding the training workshops/sessions scheduled each quarter.  Upon receipt of the information, the Training Liaison Officers must relay the scheduled training to all section, branch, and division supervisors.  The supervisors must then review and discuss the scheduled training to their employees, identify who should participate and submit the names of nominees to OPM through a memorandum or by using the prescribed Training Nomination Forms.  Via memorandum approved by the Director of Personnel, the Training Coordinator will confirm the participation of the nominees.  To secure slots for training, supervisors must complete and submit the Training Nomination Form in advance.  



Employee Development & Staffing Section


Staffing Unit

Main Function:  Review Applications for Employment(OPM-03),  rate & rank the qualifications of job applicants, and provide certified list of eligible candidates to government departments and agencies.

Mission Statement: Working hard to provide government departments and agencies with the best qualified candidates in filling job vacancies in the most effective and efficient manner.  

Mandated Responsibilities: Each fiscal year, thousands of Applications for Employment(OPM-3) are received, recorded, reviewed, rated and ranked, based on the hundreds of vacant positions advertised throughout government departments and agencies.  Employees within the Staffing Unit are responsible in fulfilling and meeting such job responsibilities:

Authority:  As provided under Part III of the Personnel Service System Rules and Regulations (PSSR&R), the Staffing Unit is mandated to prepare and issue examination announcement for job vacancies; reviews, evaluates and certifies the qualifications of job applicants and establishes a register of eligibles based on a recruitment request submitted by departments/agencies.  Based on this provision, the Staffing Unit shall develop and implement an evaluation rating system designed to meet the mandated requirements.

Based on organizational needs, departments/agencies within the CNMI government submits a Request for Personnel Action (RFPA) to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to recruit a qualified candidate to fill a newly created or established vacant position.  The RFPA is first routed to the Division of Classification & Compensation for their review, to ensure proper completion and completeness of documents in conformance to position classification standards and salary requirements.  The Staffing Unit will finalize the recruitment request by preparing and issuing examination announcements. 

Examination Announcements

Upon requests by departments/agencies, we prepare and issue examination  announcements in order to fill a newly created or an established vacant position.   There are two(2) types of Examination Announcements:  1. Regular Announcements, which is the commonly use to advertise vacant positions for a period of fifteen (15) calendar days, unless a request to re-announced, lengthened or  shortened the period of the announcement.  2. Continuous Announcement – is use to fill a “hard to fill” position that is advertised continuously within the calendar year.  Departments/agencies shall inform us when to close to the announcement so that we can prepare and issue a Certification of Eligible List.  All Examination Announcements contain the following information:

  1. Information stating OPM’s purpose and policy as an equal employment agency.
  2. Examination Announcement Number
  3. The Opening and Closing Dates where the announcement dates shall cover a period of fifteen (15) or longer if re-announced by the requesting department/agency.
  4. The Official Title of the vacant position.
  5. The Pay Level and Steps for ungraded, classified and non-classified vacant positions.  The adjusted bi-weekly or annual salary is also included.
  6. The Department/Agency and Location of the position.
  7. The Description of Duties assigned to the position.
  8. The Minimum Qualification Requirements (MQR) established for the position.
  9. Any Conditional Requirements for the position as requested by the department/agency.   


The Application for Employment (OPM-3) is a form used by OPM to acquire and retrieve necessary information pertaining to the qualifications of individual applicants.  Staffing Unit is responsible for screening, stamping, receiving, recording, and filling the Application for Employment forms submitted by the applicants.  Upon the receipt of the application form, staff employees must review and ensure that the form is properly completed and supported with relevant supporting documents.  Rating Specialists are responsible for evaluating and rating the information provided on the application form.  

Applicable Supporting Documents

To support and validate any claims or statements made on the Application for Employment, applicants must provide any of the following supporting documents.  The documents that are highlighted in bold letters are mandatory and the rest are optional.  It is an advantage to the applicant to attach relevant  documents that will improve their chances for employment.   

1.       High School, General Education Development, or Advance Development Institute diploma

2.      College/University Degree or Official transcript showing furthered education

3.      Workshop/Training Certificates

4.      License to practice certain Professional Occupation

5.      Form DD-214 for prior military service

6.      Proof of Registration from the Selective Service Program

7.      Proof of U.S. Citizenship or being a U.S./CNMI Resident

8.      Valid Driver’s License

9.      Police/Court Record Clearance

10.    Award certificates/Letter of Recommendations

Applicants are responsible for making sure that their applications and supporting  documents are complete and valid.  Any falsification made on the application will lead to a disqualification.  Applications found to be incomplete upon submission may be accepted with the condition that the applicant submit the missing document(s) prior to the final review of qualifications.  Otherwise, a letter of disqualification will be issued out due to the incomplete application packet/documents.


Employees within the Staffing Section are responsible for providing applicants with the necessary information, application forms, instruction sheets, vacancy announcement, and other supportive documents/materials pertinent to employment.  Upon requests, applicants are assisted to transfer their applications to other vacant positions.  Staffing Unit is responsible in assisting and distributing proper information for walk-ins, telephone calls, or off-island applicants.

Receiving Applications for Employment

Upon receipt of an Application for Employment, staff employees must review each   to ensure that the application is properly completed, stamped and assigned with an application number.  After stamped received, a copy of the front page of the application may be provided to the applicant as proof of submission.  Finally, staff employees must record and enter relevant information in the Staffing Unit employment data base for record.  When needed, extra copies of the applications are made to be used by the Rating Specialist when evaluating the qualifications of the applicants.    


The Qualification Evaluation Sheet (QES) is a form used by the Rating Specialist to evaluate the qualification of applicants based on five (5) Qualification Evaluation Factors established for rating.  The sheet is divided into four (4) parts; Reference Information, Qualification Evaluation Factors, Computation, and Certification.  Each part must be properly and correctly completed.  As a rule, each application must have a QES completed, signed, and dated by the Rating Specialist.  The completed QES must be attached to each certification letter and placed in an Examination Announcement Folder corresponding to the position applied for.  The following are the  five (5) Qualification Evaluation Factors used in rating:

1.     Education                             2.  Work Experience           3.  Training/Workshops

      4.  Preference Credit                  5.  Letter of Recommendation/Commendation

The Total Qualification Points given to an applicant is based by adding all the points earned under each of the rating factors listed above.  The completed QES will be reviewed and cleared by the Rating Supervisor or the Division Chief to certify the final results of the rating.

Certification Memos & Letters

Upon completing the review of the applicant’s qualifications, staff employees within the Unit will prepare and issue a letter to the applicant and a memo to department/agency certifying the applicant’s eligibility status and same, informing the appointing authority to conduct job interviews.  Appointing Authority must select the best qualified and most suited candidate to fill the job vacancy.   

Based on the certification results, the Staffing Unit prepares and issues the following letters and memos to departments/agencies:  

1.      Certification of Top Eligible Candidates  -  This Memo is prepared and issued to  department/agency certifying the top eligible candidate(s) for the vacancy.  The department/agency is provided the five(5) top eligible candidates for the first vacant position and one additional eligible for each additional vacancy;


2.      Certification of No Qualified Candidate  -  This Memos is prepared and issued to department/agency informing that there is no qualified candidate for the vacancy.  At this time, the department/agency may request to re - announce the vacant position as is; or, to re-structure the vacant position and then re-announce;


3.      Certification that No One Applied  -  This Memo is prepared and issued to department/agency informing that no one applied for the vacancy.  At this time, the department/agency may request to re-announce the vacant position; 


4.      Certification Letter for the Top Eligible Candidates  -  This Letter is prepared and issued to the applicants informing that they are one of the top eligible candidate certified for the vacancy and that the department/agency will be calling them up for a job interview;


5.      Certification Letter for all the Eligible Candidates but Not the Top List  -  This Letter is prepared and issued to the applicants certifying that they are eligible, but not listed as a top candidates for the vacancy.  Eligible candidates are encouraged to continue applying until they make the top list of eligibles;   


6.      Certification Letter for all the Not Qualified Candidates  -  This Letter is prepared and issued to applicants certifying that they are not qualified for the vacancy.  Applicants are encouraged  to continue applying until they qualify for certain vacancy; and,  


7.      Certification Letter of Disqualification  -  This Letter is prepared and issued to applicants for submitting an incomplete and/or invalid supporting documents.  In general, applicants may still compete for vacancies upon submitting the required missing and valid documents.    


Register of Eligibles

Upon completion of the certification of eligibles, an assigned staff within the Staffing Unit will be responsible for establishing and maintaining a “Register of Eligibles” for each fiscal year.  The Register of Eligibles shall list all the candidates found qualified for the position applied for.  Periodically, the “Register of Eligibles” is updated to reflect the most current ratings and rankings given to eligible applicants.  


Helpful Tips:  Filling Out Job Applications

1.     Practice First:  Get two sets of applications that should be carefully and neatly completed at home.  Be sure to proofread to avoid any grammatical and spelling mistakes and avoid leaving blanks.  Once completed, submit your application on time.

2.    Be honest:  Provide honest information regarding your criminal history, your past jobs, and your professional references.  Keep things accurate and truthful.  Hiring personnel might or will do a background check on you if needed.

3.    Follow Direction:  Read all the instruction on the application carefully.  Be sure to follow the directions.

4.    Be Descriptive:   Be impressive when describing your job experiences.  You are competing against other individuals and you should let your application stand out.  Let’s not forget that we do need to keep information brief, clean, and easy to read.

5.   Three Targets to Shoot For:  Fill out your application to exhibit your:  (1) the amount and kind of responsibilities you handled, (2) the accomplishments you achieved, and (3) the relevancy and importance of past responsibilities you had.

6.    Tailor Fit Your Responses:  Try to indicate and tailor your responses toward the job vacancy you are applying for.

7.    Chronological Order:  Always list your most recent job and educational experiences first.

8.   Avoid Leaving Blanks:  Avoid leaving blanks or unanswered questions, indicate.  Indicate items not relevant or not applicable to you by writing in (N/A).

9.    Attach Resume:  A resume is an essential tool when you are attempting to provide a detailed picture of what credentials and abilities you possess.

10.   Submit on Time:  Be sure to submit your application on or before the closing dates.  Make sure it is signed and dated.  Please be aware that you must provide accurate and updated contact numbers and addresses.  Lastly, remind your references that you have listed them on your application.



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