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General Contact & Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5153 CHRB
Saipan, MP 96950

Tel: (670) 234-6925
Fax: (670) 234-1013


  Name Phone Fax  
Director of Personnel Isidro Seman 670-234-6925 Ext. 101 670-234-1013 E-mail
Executive Secretary Kadianne Sablan Ext. 112   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Bernie Sablan Ext. 113   E-mail
Administrative Specialist Kyanna Tenorio Ext. 100   E-mail
Chief of EDS Joseph Pangelinan Ext. 102   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Maxima Cruz Ext. 103   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Mia Jones Ext. 104   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Marina Deleon Guerrero Ext. 122   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Erin Sonoda Ext. 117   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Sebastian Deleon Guerrero Ext. 105   E-mail
Chief, EER   Frances Salas Ext. 106/116   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Jahrita Barai Ext. 107   E-mail
Personnel Assistant Valentino Taisacan Ext. 108   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Maggie Laniyo Ext. 110   E-mail
Chief, Classification & Compensation  Emma Peters Ext. 114   E-mail
Personnel Specialist Evelyn Somorang Ext. 109   E-mail


* Please NOTE:

The general contact section provided under the website CNMIOPM.NET are for inquires pertaining to job applications, job vacancy, Employee Verification, Classification and/or any questions that the Office of Personnel functions within the Government agency Etc. 

Please be advised that any questions or inquires that is not related to/nor concern the Office of Personnel and the Civil Service Commission and its employees will not be entertained. If you have a special and/or personal inquires with any employee that is not related to/and concerning Job vacancies nor questions about Government inquiries, please contact the individual directly at 670-234-6925/58, 670-234-1013 or 670-234-8036 followed by the preferred Extension number.

Thank you